The Decentralized Exchange That Runs At Lightning Speed

Bitshares is not just a cryptocurrency, but also a powerful established technology with a built-in stack of financial services.

Decentralized Exchange

A high-performance decentralized exchange, with all the features you would expect in a trading platform

Bitshares can handle the trading volume of NASDAQ, without the need of signature verification or hashing, settling orders in seconds. Every Dollar, Euro, Bitcoin and ounce of gold held as a SmartCoin on the Bitshares exchange is backed by up to twice the reserves of traditional centralized exchanges.

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Named Accounts

Every Bitshares account is assigned a globally unique friendly name that can be selected by its creator

Named accounts enable users to easily remember and communicate their account information. We don't use IP addresses to browse the internet or numbers to identify our email, so why shouldn't we have human-friendly account names for our financial transactions?

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Pegged Assets

SmartCoins whose value is pegged to that of another asset, such as the US Dollar, gold or silver

A SmartCoin is a cryptocurrency whose value is pegged to that of another asset, such as the US Dollar or gold. SmartCoins always have 100% or more of their value backed by the BitShares core currency, BTS, to which they can be converted at any time at an exchange rate set by a trustworthy price feed.

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Delegated Proof Of Stake

The fastest, most efficient, most decentralized, and most flexible consensus model available

DPOS leverages the power of stakeholder approval voting to resolve consensus issues in a fair and democratic way. All network parameters, from fee schedules to block intervals and transaction sizes, can be tuned via elected delegates.

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True Industrial Scalability

The Bitshares platform was designed from the ground up for industrial performance and scalability

High performance block chain technology is necessary for cryptocurrencies and smart contract platforms to provide a viable alternative to existing financial platforms. Bitshares is designed from the ground up to process more transactions every second than VISA and MasterCard combined.

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Blinded Transactions

The fastest and simplest way to send and receive funds with untraceable anonymous accounts

Blinded transactions allow users to create untraceable accounts, hold their funds hidden from all block chain explorers, enabling them to send and receive funds and assets in 3 seconds or less. Since all transactions are on-chain, you have all the benefits of the block chain plus the best anonymity and security you could ask for.

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Those are just a few main features. Here are even more:

Processing Speed

Transactions confirm in under 3 seconds, averaging 1.5 seconds.

Processing Costs

Send and receive any transaction amount for only a couple of pennies.

Scheduled Payments

Built-in support for recurring payments and subscription payments.


Self-sustaining and self-funding, paying developers and workers.

No Restrictions

Fungible, divisible, and free from unfair restrictions or regulations.


It uses Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) to maximize security.




Bitcoin Cash


Median confirmation time 1.5 secs 720 secs 68 secs 300 secs 75 secs  78 or 1.6 secs
Transaction rate capacity 100,000 tx/sec 7 tx/sec 20 tx/sec 28 tx/sec 28 tx/sec 14 tx/sec
Max transactions per day 8,600 million 0.6 million 1.7 million 2.4 million 2.4 million 1.2 million
Median transaction cost $0.02 or $0.003 $3.05 $0.19 $0.02 $0.02 $0.03 or $3.16
Daily transaction record 920 k 369 k 496 k 136 k 44 k 9.5 k
Custom tokens Yes Yes Yes x x x
Trustless stable coins Yes x x x x x
Easy to read addresses Yes x Optional x x x
DAO for project funding Yes x x x x Yes
Blockchain length (blocks) 20 million 0.49 million 4.4 million 0.49 million 1.3 million 0.49 million
Take A Visual Walk-through

Here is a nice infographic for the visually oriented

Bitshares Infographic

Bitshares Infographic


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